Thursday, October 23, 2014

My new iPad Mini!

I just  purchased an iPad mini.  I want to discover all that I can do with my new iPad.

I needed an iPad for a graduate class I am taking about using technology in the classroom.

Class begins on Tuesday so I hope  for a crash course in all things iPad. I thought 23 Things would be as good a place to start as any.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Thing 10: Sharing Photos

I had so much fun learning about sharing photos with PicsArt that I thought I would share some more for the Thing 10.

PicsArt is a highly rated, dependable app for the Kindle. I have created several projects and posted them to my Facebook page.

I see potential for this app to be useful in education and  library promotion.

There are options such as color splash, borders, backgrounds, cropping and many more options. I have worked several hours and I still feel like I am barely scratching the surface of the power of this app.

Audrey Misiura

Thing 9 - Taking and Editing Photos

The Kindle Fire that I own does not take pictures, so this Mobile Thing was a little more difficult to find for my Kindle.

I downloaded Color Splash, but just like many of the users who left the bad ratings the app crashed every time I tried to open up a photo.

All I could do is try to color in the little apple. Turns out it isn't so easy.  Unless you have really little fingers or a stylus there is no way you would be able to get a nice clean border on your color. At least I couldn't on the apple. I don't think this app will be useful to me at all, personally or professionally.

Then, I installed PicsArt Photo Studio.

I was able to turn one of my favorite wedding photos into what looked like a pencil drawing. That was impressive.

Then, I connected my DropBox account to PicsArt. I was then able to access countless photos. I took some time to create a few collages. This would be useful for marketing or for creating family keepsakes. I also could upload the creations to Facebook.

This is a highly rated and functional app. I think this could be useful professionally and personally.

Audrey Misiura